Sonya S

Smyrna, GA
Paint, Varnish or Stain Interior Surfaces
Steve and Michelle are easy to work with. They are friendly, professional and deliver what they promise. I hired them to patch and paint the entire interior, including walls, ceiling, doors, handrails and the basement. Afterward, they deep cleaned which included bathrooms, ceiling fans, refrigerator, stove, and vacuuming. By the time I arrived, they had made my home turnkey, i.e. move-in ready. While they prepared my townhouse I was moving from another state, so what I appreciated the most was their integrity. At the end of each work day, they sent pictures so I could see their progress since I couldnt be present. There was no need to micromanage. I wish it to be this easy to work with everyone.

Thank you for sharing your time to write us such a wonderful review. I am so glad that you liked our work and it was such a wonderful experience. Life is so good to work and deal with people like you!